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Bridge the gap and discover success with East to West Marketing Research

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What We Do?

Unleash the Power of Data-Driven Insights: of our Comprehensive Consumer Marketing Research Solutions

Qualitative Fieldwork Services

  • In-depth Interviews
  • Focus Groups
  • Ethnography Studies
  • In-house data processing

Quantitative Fieldwork Services

  • Usability Intercept Surveys
  • Online Surveys
  • Phone Surveys
  • Analytical Reports

Data Collection in Healthcare Sectors

  • Healthcare Market Research Panels
  • Usability Focus Groups
  • Access to a database of recruited physicians

Consumer Market Research

  • Bridging the gap between multiple perspectives and cultures
  • Providing a rich analysis that extends beyond existing boundaries

Focus Groups

  • Insightful knowledge of the most challenging and elusive global markets
  • A competitive edge necessary for your business to succeed

Custom Research

  • Tailored to your specific requirements
  • Full-service research utilizing qualitative and quantitative methods

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Who Are We?

East to West Marketing Research is the go-to expert for unlocking cultural insights. Our team of experienced professionals has decades of expertise in understanding cultural values, communication, negotiations, leadership and status, and more - so you can stay one step ahead.

  • Our unique approach to market research gives you a complete understanding of the cultural nuances that drive any given market.
  • Our team of experienced international researchers will help you design the right research study for your needs and deliver actionable results quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Our team has extensive fieldwork experience in collecting data from all over the world. We have access to global resources and use the right moderators for each project.
  • At East to West, we can handle any size project with ease. Whether you need a small study or a large-scale survey, we have the resources and experience to provide an outstanding product.

Our Vision

Our vision at East to West is to be the leading provider of cultural insights, empowering businesses to make informed decisions and succeed in the global market.


Our Mission

We aim to deliver actionable results harnessed by powerful fieldwork data, bridging cultural boundaries and delivering valuable insights.


Our Values

At East to West, we value diverse perspectives, integrity, and a commitment to excellence in all that we do.

East to West Marketing Research is the key to prosperity. For thorough, data-driven cultural insights, get in touch with us today!

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East to West Marketing Research expertise

  • Strong WESTERN expertise developed across 20 years of experience in medical and consumer MR fieldwork.
  • With established representation in Eastern Europe and Canada.
  • Always delivering pre project information/recommendations on the local market context.
  • Conducting both qualitative and quantitative studies.
  • Strong active panels of HCPs and Patients.
  • Ability to work on non-standard projects and research tasks (incl. recruitment from the client list, custom recruitment, etc.).
  • Working with challenging targets: Payors, Administrative Officials, Purchasing, Decision Makers.
  • Smooth communication and local project management.
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We provide a full range of field research services.

  • In-depth interviews.
  • Focus groups in CL.
  • Online Bulletin Board.
  • Central location testing.
  • Tele-depths interviews.
  • Web assisted TDIs.
  • Online quantitative research.
  • CATI.
  • Phone to web.
  • Face to Face.
  • Web groups.


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580, 101-1001 West Broadway
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+1 604-461-6651