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580, 101-1001 West Broadway
Vancouver, B.C., Canada
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+1 604 461 6651

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About Us

We are the international full service data driven company that for the past 20 years focuses on delivering a high quality international marketing research and establishing a long term commitment with You, our client.

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Our Story

At East to West Marketing Research, we have a rich history of providing comprehensive market research services to clients around the world.

Since 1999, our team of experienced professionals has been operating from Vancouver, Canada, conducting both qualitative and quantitative research in all major cities across the country and in Central and Eastern Europe.

We are the Canadian full service data collection company. For the past 20 years we are delivering Qualitative and Quantitative fieldwork services in Canada and Eastern/Central Europe.

With a focus on the healthcare market, we have been a trusted partner for international market research agencies in the USA and Europe, offering unparalleled insights and expertise. For the past 20 years, international research agencies and pharma companies have entrusted EAST TO WEST MARKETING RESEARCH with their international fieldwork and market research services. Join us as we continue to drive growth and success in a rapidly changing market.

Our worldwide presence

East To West Marketing Research operations and services distribution by country

# Country Name Project Count F2F & Phone In-Facility KOL's Putchasing Specialists, GP Nurses Patients Online Research
1 Canada 1000+
2 Albania 3+
3 Armenia 5+
4 Azerbaijan 5+
5 Belarus 5+
6 Bosnia 5+
7 Bulgaria 20+
8 Croatia 15+
9 Czech Republic 30+
10 Estonia 10+
11 Georgia 5+
12 Hungary 5+
13 Israel 10+
14 Kazakhstan 10+
15 Latvia 10+
16 Lithuania 10+
17 Montenegro 5+
18 Romania 10+
19 Poland 50+
20 Portugal 5+
21 Russia 1000+
22 Serbia 10+
23 Slovenia 5+
24 Ukraine 30+
25 Uzbekistan 3+


Unlock the full potential of your research with East to West Marketing Research. Contact us today to elevate your research to the next level.

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Our ideas, analytics and research workflow

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Collect Ideas

When you are ready with ideas, we’ll run a cost effective fieldwork in the market of your choice. Our data collection services help you to gain answers to practical questions, open up new markets and gain intelligence for your data driven strategies.

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Conduct Fieldwork

Uncover key trends and patterns with our advanced data analysis. Gain deep insights into your market research findings and make data-driven decisions with confidence.

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Data Analysis and Translations

Bring your market research to a successful conclusion with our innovative services. Transform your finalized research into impactful results.